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Understand gender and cultural differences in negotiating

After a recent negotiation seminar, an attorney asked a great question: “Are there any observations for women negotiators, or negotiators from other countries?” Yep, there are patterns in the negotiation styles of people of different genders or cultural backgrounds, and understanding these patterns can make you a more thoughtful, deliberate negotiator.

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Why telling a good story makes you more persuasive

Adding a story to a presentation may seem like simple entertainment, but it does far more than just wake up a tired audience. When you tell a good story, you change your connection to the audience and how they perceive you, and that change renders the audience more likely to accept your presentation’s substance. But telling a story is just as much science as art. […]

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Control an audience’s attention by harnessing silence

Silence is a powerful tool for a great communicator. A bit of silence can be as effective as a shout for getting an audience’s attention, yet many people find pauses so uncomfortable that they run over them with more content or, worse yet, fillers like “ums” and “uhs.” Instead of being uncomfortable with silence, learn how and when to use pauses effectively to control the audience’s attention. With a little practice, you will learn to savor every silence. […]

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Good to great: raise the bar on your presentation two slides at a time

In our series Good to Great, we highlight simple tips and tools for advanced speakers looking to bring their communications from a 9 to a 10. This week’s tip comes from PowerPoint expert Dave Paradi, who has advice on how to avoid feeling overwhelmed when trying to refine and improve a presentation. The trick: focus on raising the bar two slides at a time. […]

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How to get more objective feedback by asking better questions

Asking for feedback is tricky business. It does not matter if you are asking for feedback from a friend on your draft wedding toast or asking employees for feedback on your management style; most people would rather tell you what you want to hear than give you an opinion that may offend you. To get around this problem, reframe your questions to skip over asking whether improvement is needed and jump straight to asking for solutions. […]

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Video Highlight: A powerful Memorial Day speech from Nick Popaditch, GySgt USMC Ret.

On Memorial Day, in honor of those who have died in the service of the United States Armed Forces, we are treated to some of the most deeply moving speeches from courageous men and women across the country. In this Video Highlight, we’ll examine one such tribute from Gunnery Sergeant Nick Popaditch (USMC Ret.), delivered to a group of veterans and others on Memorial Day 2012 in San Diego. […]

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What you can learn about influencing people from a classic relationship mistake

Years ago I came across a subtle but powerful piece of relationship advice that unlocked all sorts of dicey situations both at home and at work.  The tip is based on understanding the psychology of someone who is emotionally distraught, and while it seems most applicable to personal relationships, it works just as well with upset coworkers, clients… even an emotional crowd, as Bill Clinton demonstrated in the 1992 Presidential Debate. […]

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Study shows you can reduce public speaking anxiety by telling yourself the stress helps

The moments right before a big speech or presentation are usually the hardest.  The stress our bodies produce is real–elevated heart rate and blood pressure, sweaty palms, dry mouth-and the discomfort can be enough to throw some off their game.  But a recent study showed that you can reduce these mental and physical anxieties by tricking your brain into reinterpreting stress signals as beneficial.   […]

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The best public speaking tips for laughing in private [Humor]

You can thank author Teddy Wayne for this gem.  His satirical piece on public speaking tips should be required reading in any communications class.  An excerpt: Get used to the room beforehand. Walk around, check the view from the podium, sleep there for a few days, cook in the facility’s kitchen, bathe in the bathroom, develop a delusional sense of ownership over the venue, and never leave it for fear that the outside world will “infect” you. […]

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