Hardball Negotiations: Is their stonewall made of brick… or bluster?

When someone is stonewalling you in a negotiation, it's easy to feel powerless. But the real question is, do they really have the upper hand, or are they just posturing in the hopes that you'll blink first? Let's dig in with examples from my recent CLE on hardball tactics.


Understand gender and cultural differences in negotiating

After a recent negotiation seminar, an attorney asked a great question: “Are there any observations for women negotiators, or negotiators from other countries?” Yep, there are patterns in the negotiation styles of people of different genders or cultural backgrounds, and understanding these patterns can make you a more thoughtful, deliberate negotiator.

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How to negotiate lower rent from your landlord

  Negotiating with your landlord may seem like a lost cause, particularly when your landlord is a corporate management company that seems uninterested in making any accommodations for little old you. But as in any effective negotiation, the key is to make every negotiation end with what seems like a win-win for both you and the other party. Here are the negotiation tools you need to break the logjam. […]


How do I take the awkwardness out of negotiating with friends?

Occasionally I’ll find myself selling personal items to friends, whether an old iPhone or an expensive piece of art.  I want to get a good price, but it feels awkward to haggle with friends.  How do I negotiate a fair price without looking like the bad guy? This is a classic negotiation problem: you want communicate your offer (or counteroffer), but you do not want to damage your relationship.  Too often, sellers will make statements like this one: “I would ask $1000, but for a friend, I’ll take $900.”  Wrong!  As counterintuitive as it may sound, the best way to maintain a friendly negotiation is to keep your friendship out of it.  Instead, focus on the facts, not feelings. […]