Why telling a good story makes you more persuasive

Adding a story to a presentation may seem like simple entertainment, but it does far more than just wake up a tired audience. When you tell a good story, you change your connection to the audience and how they perceive you, and that change renders the audience more likely to accept your presentation’s substance. But telling a story is just as much science as art. […]

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Sit side-by-side to build better rapport with clients or colleagues

In client services, most people working one-on-one tend to sit right across from each other. The theory is that when meeting with someone important, confidence comes from looking someone in the eye, which can only happen when two people face each other.  That, combined with the common television image of a manager speaking to an underling from behind an intimidating desk, make most people forget that there are other–and better–options for building rapport.  […]

Be the slowest talker in the room to maintain control in tough situations

We all find ourselves in over our head from time to time.  It may happen in a meeting with superiors or in an argument with a more knowledgeable opponent, but when it does happen, our shortcomings can become exposed, and as our confidence breaks down, we fall into a downward spiral.  Avoid this outcome by speaking more slowly than everyone else in the room.  You’ll be surprised at how often that turns the tables. […]

What do they really think? Ask their feet.

One of my favorite tips for body language comes from Joe Navarro, a former FBI counterintelligence agent and author of What Every Body is Saying.  Navarro explains that while we as modern human beings have trained ourselves to control our body language–such as maintaining eye contact with someone despite having long ago lost interest in the topic–there is one region of the body that never gets the memo: our legs and feet. […]