Achieving a Position of Influence in Your Legal Career

Why is it that two attorneys can present the same idea to the same audience, but only one wins them over? Whether you are an outside or in-house counsel, building a position of influence with your clients or colleagues is not simply a function of your title, years of experience, or charisma. An attorney's influence is built systematically, one step at a time, but often in subtle ways. As a result, most write off influence as some ethereal concept too amorphous to be explained, let alone taught. Nonsense.

5 tips for managing remote workers on your teams

Remote working is now a part of most workplaces in one form or another, whether working with colleagues in distant offices or working in an organization that encourages flexibility in working from home. But without the right process and leadership in place, remote colleagues often feel disconnected from the team and reduce their contribution. Here are five tips for managing these challenges to ensure that you do not lose the value remote members could have brought to the table.

Understand gender and cultural differences in negotiating

After a recent negotiation seminar, an attorney asked a great question: “Are there any observations for women negotiators, or negotiators from other countries?” Yep, there are patterns in the negotiation styles of people of different genders or cultural backgrounds, and understanding these patterns can make you a more thoughtful, deliberate negotiator.

Use the Myers-Briggs to improve communication in your teams

Unfortunately, assigning a group of high-performing individuals to work together does not instantly transform them into a high-performing team. Communication is the key to making a team more than the sum of its parts, yet managers often complain that their team members fail to communicate effectively, both with each other and the team leader. This breakdown weakens team morale, but more importantly, it reduces the team's quality and efficiency, meaning more missed targets and more late nights at the office. Here's a tip: use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to improve communication rapidly in any team.

How to negotiate lower rent from your landlord

  Negotiating with your landlord may seem like a lost cause, particularly when your landlord is a corporate management company that seems uninterested in making any accommodations for little old you. But as in any effective negotiation, the key is to make every negotiation end with what seems like a win-win for both you and the other party. Here are the negotiation tools you need to break the logjam. […]

Impress your managers by taking control of every meeting

In a meeting with a manager, particularly a one-on-one meeting, most employees defer to the manager to start and guide the discussion. This deference is an understandable result of the office hierarchy, where employees generally expect to be given orders and managers generally expect to in command. But top employees know perfectly well how to flip these roles and turn every meeting into an opportunity to manage the manager, or “manage up,” which can dramatically improve their standing in the manager’s eyes. […]